Never loose God

Earthly inheritance, success and wealth without a Spiritually balanced personality is worthless.

To be a loser in your Spiritual journey is agony. Real agony.

Spiritual death is the aftermath of sin, disobedience,and ignorance. Seperation from God result as man’s spiritual darkness occur and beside sloth, pride and indifference abound.

Are you lost? Jesus came to save you. An encounter with Jesus would liberate you from your physical and spiritual blindness providing an opportunities for spiritual growth which will be your direct stepping stone to a new life in Christ.
Consider the blind men in Matthew 9:27 who were living in darkness but when they embraced Jesus, great light shone on them.

A lot of of people out there yearn for spiritual growth but aren’t ready for a closer relationship with God. Majority of Churches now preach worldly sermons instead of teaching their congregation how to strengthen their relationship with God.

We should not allow earthly things to distract us from our goal which is heaven. This is why dissociatiating yourself from today’s predominant worship of worldly things becomes absolutely necessary for you to genuinely become more like Jesus Christ.

If a parent would walk a thousand steps to recover a lost Child,how much more God who would do so seven thousand times seven.

The Messiah can liberate you from the darkness of your deficiencies and restore you to wholeness (Isaiah 29:17-24). You only need to embrace the virtues of meekness and humility ( Isaiah 29:19) as well as Faith in Jesus (Matthew 9:28).

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